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Worthing & Lancing Upholstery, Carpet, Curtains & Sofa Cleaners. Houses, Flats & Offices Cleaned in and around Sussex

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Upholstery Cleaning

We clean upholstery by pre-spraying with a delicate, none toxic chemical to break down the dirt and stains. We then use special soft hand brushes to work the chemical into the fabric. to ensure a deep clean that lasts. Our powerful machines are then used to apply a rinse aid and remove most of the moisture.

Leather  Cleaning

A special cleaning solution, containing leather conditioners, is applied to the upholstery.   The conditioner replaces many of the natural oils that leather loses as it ages.  It also helps prolong the life of leather while keeping it soft and supple.   The upholstery is cleaned by hand, this is to ensure to apply conditioner in the cracking and beading for a  thorough clean.

Curtain  Cleaning

Curtain cleaning can be done in two ways, first is to vacuum and clean on the rail using a dry clean solution. The second method is remove the curtains and have them dry cleaned at our suppliers. This will take several days to return and  complete.

Carpet Cleaning

We pre spray all the carpets we are cleaning, (not just the spots as some carpet cleaners do) with a water based cleaner to break down the dirt. The carpets are then cleaned using bio- degradable cleaners this also helps to lift the pile on a tired carpet. If there are any stubborn spots or stains they are treated individually, (although we cannot guarantee stain removal, we feel that if we cannot remove a stain, probably nobody can). The carpet is then rinsed and excess moisture extracted, using our powerful machines. This leaves the carpet just damp, NOT WET

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